What do you consider a "market"?

Each site we monitor defines a market differently. Some are defined as a specific city. Some include a search radius around a city. Generally, your market will be similar to how Kijiji defines your market.

Is this really exclusive?

Yes. We sell only one exclusive license in each market. We didn't want to dilute the importance of this information by making it available to multiple investors.

What if my market is already taken?

You can sign up on the waiting list and we'll be sure to contact you if the current investor should decide to end his/her subscription.

What if my market isn't on the list?

Contact us and let us know what you're looking for. We'll be happy to add it to our list of markets and reserve it for you.

How many leads will I get?

That depends on a lot of factors: your market size, market activity, keywords, and site configuration. That being said, most investors in smaller markets are getting 10 to 20 matching leads per day, mid-size markets are getting 40 to 60 leads per day, and many large markets exceed 100 leads per day.

Is this an annual subscription?

This is a monthly subscription. You can cancel any time. We believe in providing value to our clients. If you decide that Property Leads Pro isn't providing enough value for your operation, simply cancel your subscription. We'll then notify the next investor on the waiting list for that market.

Can I get a free trial?

No. Sorry, but since we're offering this as an exclusive license, it's not fair to reserve a market while you try it out. We simply have too many interested investors to allow a market to be locked up during a trial period.

How do I know if my market is available?

Just click here and choose your market from the drop-down list. You'll either be offered the ability to sign up for that market if it's available or given the opportunity to sign up for the waiting list if it is already reserved.

What kind of leads will I get?

We gather leads from over a dozen top real estate websites. The type, quality, and number of leads will depend on your market and how you configure your keywords and site selection. If you're getting too many leads, consider removing some keywords or restricting which sites are sending you leads. If you're not getting enough leads, consider adding more keywords or allowing more sites to send you leads.

What if I have a suggestion for a feature or a website to monitor?

Send them! We love feedback and try our best to accomodate as many requests as possible. We want to help you achieve your real estate goals.

What if I want multiple markets? Can I get a discount?

You can absolutely license multiple markets. You will need to sign up for them individually, but your dashboard will combine them into one login for ease of management.

We're not offering discounts for multiple markets due to the exclusive license. If you are interested in combining several markets into one, please contact us and we'll see if we can arrange anything for you.